Thomas Farber, PE

Senior Project Manager

Tom Farber has over 35 years of experience in the construction industry. He is a graduate in Structural Engineering from the University of Missouri-Kanas City and holds general contracting and Professional Engineering (PE) licenses in 7 jurisdictions.

Tom held the position of Division Manager of Advanced Technologies with Commonwealth Dynamics, an international firm specializing in the design and construction of reinforced concrete chimneys, silos, stacking tubes, wind turbine support pedestals, natural-draft cooling towers, CSP solar power towers, steel stacks, and combustion turbine exhaust systems. Tom led team members to develop mechanical erection capabilities for Commonwealth, prepared over 40 estimates and proposals for ACC erection and explored the erection of fly ash conditioning systems, SCR’s, and HRSG’s.

Prior to Commonwealth, Tom was Director of Projects for GEA Power Cooling, a company involved with the design and construction of cooling towers and air-cooled condensers at electric generating plants. He managed the operations of the engineering, drafting, procurement and project management departments.

Prior to that, Tom was Project Manager for Pullman Power Products and managed engineering and construction projects for a company that designs, and constructs reinforced concrete chimneys and storage silos for power stations, including the Orot Rabin power station, in Hadera, Israel.