Charles E. Williams

Senior Construction Consultant

Williams is a former Major General who retired after 29 years with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. As Division Engineer, he managed the $2B modernization of the NATO tank training ranges in Germany, the largest Army construction project since WWII. As Program Manager, he rebuilt Fort Drum NY, a $1.3B project, while serving as Appropriations Director for the Army Corps’ $21B O&M Appropriation.

After his retirement from the U.S. Army, Williams served as President & CEO of the NYC School Construction Authority, a $4.3B public school building program that was largest in the country. Williams served as COO of the Toll Road Investors Partnership II, responsible for management, design & construction of the first private toll road in the U.S. in over 150 years, receiving national recognition for completing the project 6 months ahead of schedule.

Williams served as Director & COO in the Department of State’s Bureau of Overseas Operations, responsible for construction management, real estate, O&M, design & engineering & programming and program management for over 15,000 facilities abroad, and was credited with completion of over 50 new embassies and consulates during his seven-year tenure.

Williams is a recipient of the Golden Eagle Award from the Society of American Military Engineers and was inducted into the Alabama Engineering & Construction Hall of Fame.