George Elliott

KiNRG Meteorologist and Tower Location Consultant

Meteorologist, research scientist, legal and infrastructure consultant as related to synoptic meteorological and climate analysis.

B.S. Meteorology, 1982 (Northern Illinois University; DeKalb, IL)

A.S. Math, computer science, business, 1980 (Lansing Community College; Lansing, MI)

Published: “Weather Forecasting, Rules Techniques, and Procedures.” American Press, Boston, MA. 2009

Published: “Analysis and Isentropic Forecasting: National Weather Service, Suitland, MD. 1994

KiNRG Meteorologist and Tower Location Consultant
Weather and climate analyst to determine locations around the world for new clean and renewable energy.

Meteorological Research Consultant
Climate analysis and synoptic meteorological integration for legal firms, insurance, building industry, infrastructure industry.

WWAY-TV (Wilmington, NC)
Feature and live reporter.
Hurricane and severe weather expert during weathercasts and severe weather events.
All social media and technology upgrades.

WECT-TV (Wilmington, NC)
Chief Meteorologist, Prime forecaster, and broadcaster.
Supervisory, planner, and new technology leader, including social media initiation and development platforms.

KLST-TV (San Angelo, TX)
Chief Meteorologist and supervisor.
Rebuilt weather center and upgrades to graphic systems.

The Weather Channel (Atlanta, GA)
Prime forecaster and research scientist.

WWMT-TV (Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, MI)
Chief Meteorologist and supervisor/planner.

WJBF-TV (Augusta, GA)
Chief Meteorologist.