Ronald W. Pickett


Ron Pickett co-founded the Company in July 2010 as the sole initial investor. He has remained Chairman and CEO since January 2011. Prior to this experience, Ron Pickett served as Youth Advisor to President Johnson until January 1969. After leaving the Johnson Administration in 1969 he consulted for the Frouge Corporation and its partner Gulf Oil, obtaining a Title 10 loan agreement for a large real estate development in San Francisco Bay area. He then consulted Madison Square Garden Corporation liquidating assets from its real estate portfolio after its acquisition of control by Phil Levin.

After the passing of Levin, Pickett and a group of the Levin “team” formed a new development group led by Pickett developing multiple projects in Maryland, Florida, and NYC. After selling that operation (late 1975) Pickett developed over 200 units in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Pickett held a real estate brokers license for 30 years as well as an Unlimited Contractors License.

In 1980 he founded Medical Advisory Systems, the first company to commercialize and institute an international program for telemedicine for vessels at sea, also F&E Resource Systems (FERS) the largest composting/recycling facility in the USA, processing over 3,000 tons per day and reclaiming 92% of the waste stream while creating and innovating the entire system, and Telkonet (TKO) the first company to commercialize broadband over powerlines, creating the ability to encrypt and send data over the existing electrical infrastructure of commercial and industrial buildings, as well as military vessels.